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Do new vehicles actually require synthetic oils?

New cars require synthetic oil for many different reasons. Here are some of the reasons depending on which vehicle we are talking about:

  • Some engines not only use the oil to lubricate but also as hydraulic oil to aid with variable timing.
  • Some to help them to achieve gas mileage requirements.
  •  Some to aid the engine cooling.
  • Some to withstand the high temperatures they will run at.
  • Some to give superior lubrication through tight tolerances in the motor.
  • Some to avoid sludging that will occur with conventional oils.

Any one of these reasons or any combination of them could be why you need to keep synthetics in your car. Don’t forget that if it is a requirement it will be needed to keep your warranty in force. Also, you could do major damage to the engine by not using what is specified.  If you’re in doubt just stop in and ask us, we will be happy to let you know what is needed and why.